Getting things done...

2015-04-07 07:05:47 by Jameeeesh

Hey everyone.

Just a quick one to say a massive thanks to everyone who has listened to my bit parts on my profile and taken me on board for jobs. It's been flattering and humbling to hear your positive feedback.

I've also been recommended to appear on the Newgrounds Audio portal - a massive thanks to thekmanproductions for that! Check out his profile here:

As well as this, I've uploaded plenty of auditions and projects since last we spoke. Check out my Star Wars tribute here, which has gone down rather well!

I have also uploaded a fun side-project for your entertainment!

I'm looking forward to all the projects I've contributed to in the last week coming to fruition. Take care!



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2015-04-08 19:16:32

A massive welcome to you, my friend! You have an excellent future ahead of you. From a voice actor to another, you have what it takes to become the best someday. I will love to continue working with you on more projects.

Keep it up, keep it going! ~ Kevin O'Ryan