Serious and Silly...

2015-05-26 18:37:33 by Jameeeesh

Hi there, once again!

The last month or so has been a pretty busy one for me in the voice acting department! I've lent my voice to the Indie Bin once again for a top 8 countdown vid of his. God, this guy is funny:

I've also lent my voice to another YouTuber, for his review of the worst cartoons ever:

All good stuff! I'm pleased to be getting stuff done. But that's not all...

I have been offered a role in two fairly major projects on top of the (mostly comic) little skits I've been offered over the last few weeks. One is a comedy spoof which is written really well - it's properly funny... and I've been cast as, quite possibly, the coolest character... ever! The other is more dramatic. I am playing a fictional itertion of a very, very famous historical figure, which is humbling and very exciting! Keep your eyes open for those over the coming months.

As always, your support is very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing the projects I've contributed to come to fruition!



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