Busy times...

2015-11-15 12:12:19 by Jameeeesh

Welp. Here goes.

Whilst I have enjoyed the VA I've gotten up to this year, it's worth highlighting that I do have a job outside of this pastime of mine. And it's a particularly busy, life-enveloping one. I am having to be very careful with what I choose to commit to in terms of VA parts. Whilst I'm still doing projects (see below), I'm having to be careful to carve out the time I need to do them. Lessons have been (and are being) learned.

Speaking of VA parts!

I've done two more projects since last we touched base: a Top Ten Weapons Countdown of fairly fun fun-ness, and a Creepy Story Readings Video. Both on the YouTubes!



Also: my Newgrounds Account has been hacked by a mysterious, masked stranger? Is he a terrorist or a freedom fighter? Only Stephen Fry knows for sure!


I'll check back when I can. I'll make no promises, especially ones I can't keep. All the best!


Moving Forward...

2015-09-24 17:36:51 by Jameeeesh

Lots of positives over the last few weeks!

My good friend Tails just did an awesome new image for my profile - a toon of me wearing the headphones which I wear when recording. My trusty microphone features, too!

Check her out! She's super talented. And stuff.


In other news, my first Newgrounds hosted project has appeared below - the Angry Hamster! I'm happy with how it turned out, and happy to have something on site that I've done. Plenty more is on the way, but I'm learning that it takes a while for a project to be finished once I've sent my lines off. Which makes total sense, of course.

I'm working on one big project right now which I hope to get done over the next month, but around the corner (November time) is a re-write of one of the first projects I contributed to as a new Voice Actor. I'm looking forward to hitting it again, because it was not only a lot of fun, but also an exciting idea that I could really get behind.

I'm always busy on projects small and big (which is amazing!!!), but you should never feel that you can't contact me with a role or idea. I'm always up for a chat.

Take care and speak soon!


Summer Time...

2015-08-12 06:43:09 by Jameeeesh

...And the living's easy.

I've had a great Summer - seeing loads of places around the world. And I've even had the time to cast the net out for VA parts, too. Lots of opportunity.

I've finished one of my major roles this week - a huge project that required me to up the quality of my recording. I've made a new recording space with lots of insulation around it, so that my voice doesn't bounce off the walls as much as it used to. My newest skit, I think, is my highest quality piece yet:


I'm also very flattered to have been contacted by content creators over the summer, as well as approaching them myself. I hope to continue getting better as a voice actor and making contacts. Send me a message and we can talk about your project!

Serious and Silly...

2015-05-26 18:37:33 by Jameeeesh

Hi there, once again!

The last month or so has been a pretty busy one for me in the voice acting department! I've lent my voice to the Indie Bin once again for a top 8 countdown vid of his. God, this guy is funny:


I've also lent my voice to another YouTuber, for his review of the worst cartoons ever:


All good stuff! I'm pleased to be getting stuff done. But that's not all...

I have been offered a role in two fairly major projects on top of the (mostly comic) little skits I've been offered over the last few weeks. One is a comedy spoof which is written really well - it's properly funny... and I've been cast as, quite possibly, the coolest character... ever! The other is more dramatic. I am playing a fictional itertion of a very, very famous historical figure, which is humbling and very exciting! Keep your eyes open for those over the coming months.

As always, your support is very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing the projects I've contributed to come to fruition!


Getting things done...

2015-04-07 07:05:47 by Jameeeesh

Hey everyone.

Just a quick one to say a massive thanks to everyone who has listened to my bit parts on my profile and taken me on board for jobs. It's been flattering and humbling to hear your positive feedback.

I've also been recommended to appear on the Newgrounds Audio portal - a massive thanks to thekmanproductions for that! Check out his profile here: http://thekmanproductions.newgrounds.com/

As well as this, I've uploaded plenty of auditions and projects since last we spoke. Check out my Star Wars tribute here, which has gone down rather well!


I have also uploaded a fun side-project for your entertainment!


I'm looking forward to all the projects I've contributed to in the last week coming to fruition. Take care!


Starting Small...

2015-04-01 12:08:19 by Jameeeesh

Hello interested audiences!

First of all, many thanks for taking the time to take a look at these pieces of mine. I have exciting news on this front!

My first demo reel has been done and is now uploaded! Take a listen - I'm sure you'll have fun.

I also finished my first voluntary acting job this weekend! Many thanks to The Indie Bin for having me voice over a part of his latest YouTube video review of the Indie Video Game 'Air Control'. It sounded awesome with the background music!


I've also uploaded an audition for a role in a Dragon Ball Z project. It was a lot of fun to do even thirty seconds of this, so doing more would be amazing!

Do get in touch if you'd like me to help you with your project, or if you have any requests for skits and silly things that I could do myself. I already have some ideas brewing...!

All the best,


Hi all.

I'm an adult voice actor looking for voluntary work. Demo reel on the way, and a couple of projects already lined up, so keep your eyes open!